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Hey there, and welcome to the awesome Perhaps Today website! We're your go-to resource for all things Bible Speed Art, created by digital artist and author, Daniel T. Adams. Here, we're all about the unchanging, inerrant Word of God - it's our main focus, and we're all about studying it intently. The art? That's just a super cool way to spread the message!

At Perhaps Today, we're all about looking past life's tough moments and focusing on the hope we have as believers in Jesus Christ. We're sprinting forward with our eyes on the finish line and an attitude energized by the end game! Where do we find such a hope? Simply put - within the Word of God, because we know that when we hold the Bible, we're holding the very heart of God!

Join us on an amazing journey as we not only study the Word, but also figure out how to apply it to our everyday lives. Who knows, maybe today is the day we all cry out to Jesus for salvation. Maybe today is the day we seek repentance. Maybe today is even the day we finally get to see the Lord of Lords face-to-face! Perhaps Today!

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