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Men of Honor By My Side

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June 20, 2021

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Men of Honor By My Side

A Man of Honor

Father’s Day of 2021 is upon us. There are many things to be thankful for when it comes to the dad’s out there. A hard worker. A provider. A protector. However, when it comes to the dad in my life, the list of thankfulness goes so much deeper. When God brought Mr. Tom Bowen into my life 23 years ago, it was not by accident or happenstance; there are no coincidences with God. The Lord knew I was going to need a man in my life to teach me what a godly, faithful servant would look like, seeing as though my initial upbringing provided the opposite. At first, I thought Tom was going to be just the dad of the beautiful girl, Heather that I was dating. However, as the Lord would have it, he would end up being the man who would raise me in the ways of the Lord, teach me what a man of God looked like, and inspire me to thirst and hunger the Word of God with a heart and mind to apply it in life. It is for these reasons, that I want to take this opportunity to wish my dad, Tom Bowen a Happy Father’s Day with this latest Surreal Photography picture that the family and I have titled, “Men of Honor By My Side”.

It Takes a Village

Not only did Tom raise and teach me about my Lord and Savior through the example of his life, but I am honored to see how his grandchildren admire him for the same thing. They all love and adore their Papa. They respect and revere him because, not only is he a warrior for the Lord in the lives of his children, but also in the lives of his children’s children. The legacy that “Christ is Sufficient and Love is Enough” carries on into a generation of 5 young boys. By the grace and mercy of the Lord, those young boys will become men who know how to take the fight to the unseen enemy through the power of salvation found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why we used the kids in this picture, showing the impact of love and how they will all fight in love, and for love as one body in Christ; men of honor taking the field of battle together.

Check out the Digital Art created for this post:
A man, his 5 young grandchildren, and 3 valiant dogs conquer a field of battle together.

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