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February 23, 2024

See the Final Picture

As many of you might know, this Perhaps Today community was created out of a passion I had to share the truth of the Bible with whomever would hear it. It was born during the time I had been laid off of work due to COVID and has taken a few forms over the years. It began with me sitting in front of a camera providing video-recorded Bible studies. After a few videos like that, the idea was impressed on my heart to mix my love of sharing the Bible with my enjoyment of digital art, thus the Bible Speed Art was born. Since that time, I have created almost 20 pieces of content for this channel with plans for countless more in the future. However, today’s blog post warms my heart with joy because the artwork seen here was NOT created by me.


As many of you might already know, my 11-year old son, Jack has his own YouTube channel called Jumping Jack Productions (if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do). His channel is filled with all sorts of content from short films, toy photography, educational videos, and more. However, the other week Jack was challenged with an art project contest at school and so, not only did he attempt the art project, but he decided to make it a video on his channel as well.

Am I proud of him for attempting the contest? Of course. Am I proud that he decided to try his hand at Photoshop digital art like I do on this channel? Absolutely. Was I even proud that he worked tirelessly around the clock for a week straight learning Photoshop tools? You betcha! But despite all of those wonderful endeavors, they all fail in comparison to what I am truly the most proud of.


The theme of the art contest was given to the students: the artwork needed to somehow convey the theme, “How I Connect with the World”. Jack spent some time thinking this through. He had a wide array of ideas, but finally settled upon the one that you see displayed in the artwork in this post. He chose to have an anchor, springing forth from the Word of God that he could be offering to other people. Those other people however, were plastic toys. If someone sought the chain from the Bible and reached out to take hold of it, they were freed from the lifeless plastic shell and made into a new, living breathing creation.

When Jack first told me the idea, I immediately joked with him and said, “I wish I would have thought of that idea for my Perhaps Today channel. However, Jack liked the idea of having the picture on Perhaps Today and asked if I would add it to the website. So here it is! My son’s first piece of digital art!

Like I said, I’m proud of him for so many reasons, but the greatest of all is that he sought to inspire others with his art and wanted to show the freedom and life that can be found within God’s Word. Wow! How amazing that a young kid would think to God first when tasked with creating something! Jack’s ambition continues to inspire me today, and motivates me to continue creating more content for this Perhaps Today community. As a dad, I could ask for nothing more. I’m beyond proud of you, Jack and I love you more than words can describe. Keep creating! Keep shining ever so¬† bright! You have a great purpose and I am honored to be along on the ride for your journey.


Here is the 3-minute video that Jack put together showing a little bit of the work that went into making this picture as awesome as it is. Enjoy.

The Lasting Connection | How I Connect With the World Art Project

Check out the Digital Art created for this post:

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